The First True Aging in Reverse in History
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Since ancient time, people have been dreaming to have a youthful appearance. While researchers around the world try to figure out how to reverse aging, Ms. China Fan has successfully achieved the TRUE first reverse aging in history. She overturned many Chinese and Western medical theories. Her achievement made the medical level advance into the 30 century. However, no plastic surgery, laser/IPL, tripollar, Botox, filling-injection, skin whitening injection (Glutathione) or any comestic procedures can give people the TRUE youthful appearance and health.

Body Purification, invented by Ms. China Fan, can not only CURE all the wrinkles and sagging skin from head to toe, give people a 30 years younger appearance AND health, but it also can restore the size of hands and feet for people as if they were 18 years old, and it can CURE almost all of the aging-related diseases, including varicose vein, dry skin, blood clots, flat-feet, osteoporosis, presbyopia, snoring, memory loss, hemorrhoids, numbness, erectile dysfunction, and etc. The treatment will extend people's lifespan, too.

We present you the FACT with more than 260 un-retouched, "Before", "During" and "After" photos from Ms. Fan. You can find all these Before-After photos through the "Body Purification Menu" link listed in the menu.
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2.  Since photos have to be taken outdoor, most of photos will not be taken during the winter and spring season.
5 Years Old   Age 24
About 5 Years Old Age 24 (1988)
New updated photos will be taken during August and November, 2014.
Eye   Nose   Nose
Skin Color Outdoor 2012-04-29
Without Make-up
  Skin Color Outdoor 2012-04-21
With Make-up
  Skin Color Outdoor 2013-06-12
Without Make-up
Left Hand   Left Hand
1. Left Hand Varicose Vein (Indoor 2012-03-28) 2. Left Hand (Outdoor 2013-03-01)
Left Palm   Left Palm
1. Red Left Palm (Indoor 2012-04-10) 2. Left Palm (Outdoor 2012-05-06)
Hand   Hand
1. Larger Hand (Outdoor 2012-10-15) 2. Hand (Outdoor 2013-03-14)
Left Hand   Left Hand
1. Left Hand (Outdoor 2012-04-28) 2. Left Hand (Outdoor 2013-03-14)
Hand   Hand
Actual Hand Size (Outdoor 2013-03-14) Actual Hand Size (Outdoor 2013-03-14)
Spider Veins   Spider Veins
1. Spider Veins Leg ( Outdoor 2012-06-09 ) 2. Leg ( Outdoor 2012-10-11 )
Left Foot   Left Foot
1. Flat Left Foot ( Indoor 2012-03-19 ) 2. Left Foot ( Outdoor 2012-11-06 )
Feet   Feet
1. Feet Size Large Feet (Outdoor 2012-06-03) 2. Feet Size (Outdoor 2012-11-06)
Both Feet   Both Feet
1. Feet Varicose Veins ( Outdoor 2012-05-06 ) 2. Feet ( Outdoor 2012-11-04 )
Left Foot   Left Foot
1. Foot DVT — Blood Clots (Indoor 2012-03-30) 2. Left Foot (Outdoor 2012-10-27)
Nail   Nail
1. Right Foot Thick Nails (Outdoor 2012-05-26) 2. Right Foot Nails (Outdoor 2012-11-04)
Eyelid   Eyelid
1. Profile's Droopy Eyelid (Outdoor 2012-04-21) 2. Eyelid (Outdoor 2012-08-29)
Nose   Nose
1. Profile's Wrinkled Nose (Outdoor 2012-04-21) 2. Nose Bridge (Outdoor 2013-06-12)
Earlobe   Earlobe
1. Sagging Earlobe (Outdoor 2012-05-31) 2. Earlobe (Outdoor 2012-08-10)
Lips   Lips
1. Wrinkled Dark Lips (Outdoor 2012-05-26) 2. Smoother Thin Lip (Outdoor 2012-10-29)
Lip Size   Lip Size
1. Larger Lip Size (Outdoor 2012-07-10) 2. Lip Size (Outdoor 2012-10-18)
Neck   Neck
1. Wrinkled Neck (Outdoor 2012-06-14) 2. Neck (Outdoor 2012-08-04)
Face   Face
1. Sagging Cheek (Outdoor 2012-05-01) 2. Cheek (Outdoor 2012-08-04)
Elbow   Elbow
1. Wrinkled Elbow (Outdoor 2012-05-20) 2. Elbow (Outdoor 2012-07-25)